1. a) The Rally Officers are in sole charge of the rally and events, subject to the Club

and Centre rules and any other information given to them by the Centre Officers.

b) Starting and finishing times of a rally is left to the discretion of the Rally Officers,

subject to the weather, local conditions or restrictions laid down by the site owner or

local authorities.

c) A normal weekend rally extends from Friday, starting at the time given in the Rally

Programme or ‘News Letter’ or announced at flagpole on preceding rallies, and finish

on Sunday at the time given in the rally envelope or announced by the Rally Officer at


d) If you arrive at any rally after the Rally Officer has retired, pull into the site away

from the entrance, do not uncouple, put the legs of your caravan down, have your

night’s sleep and you will be sited the following morning. Members ignoring this

request may have to be re-sited by the Rally Officer to suit his requirements.

e) Members staying on the field at the end of the rally after the last Rally Officer has

left, do so entirely at their own risk.

2. Booking slips, together with booking fee, to be sent to the Rally Officer at least one

week in advance. Cheques and Postal Orders to be made payable to ‘The Caravan

Club, West Surrey Centre.’ In the event of cancellation within 14 days of

commencement of rally this fee will be refunded, provided no expenses have been

incurred and a stamped addressed envelope is supplied at time of cancellation.

3. All relevant prices quoted in this booklet are provisional and believed to be correct at

the time of printing, they are inclusive of VAT at a rate of 20%. Charges for Socials,

etc., where given are approximate and may be subject to alteration without notice.

4. Members should have their own Fire Extinguishers fitted just inside entrance to

caravan. Your own sanitation facilities are required at rallies. These must not be

filled, charged or cleaned at drinking water points. All dry rubbish must be taken

away. Return all empty milk bottles and leave your pitch clean and tidy.

5. Keep to 5 mph speed limit within the rally site. Learner drivers must not drive vehicles

on any rally site. Motor cycles may be driven between the site entrance and the

caravan only.

6. During wet weather members are asked to avoid unnecessary use of their cars to

prevent damage to the site and to the entrance; do not drive across any rally site; go

round the edge of the field unless otherwise instructed. Parking at the discretion of the

Rally Officer. Persons accepting a tow from a Land Rover or any other vehicles do so

entirely at their own risk. Members will be expected to offer £1.00 for this service.

7. All dogs to be kept on a lead and exercised on the rally perimeter. When tied up

outside the caravan, the maximum lead allowed will be 8 feet. Animals must not be

allowed to foul the rally field.

8. The Committee reserves the right to require the removal from the rally field of any

dog or other pet which, in the opinion of the committee, constitutes a danger or

nuisance to the members attending the rally.

9. Parents must ensure that their children do not trespass or cause damage to their

host’s property. It is also the parent’s responsibility to ensure that their

children do not become a nuisance at social events. Persons under the age of 18

years will not be allowed to purchase alcoholic drinks at social functions.

10. No ball games including Swingball to be played or the riding of cycles within the

centre lines.

11. Keep noise and radios down to a minimum, especially after 11.00 p.m.

12. Barbecues should not be carried when alight nor sited less than 8 feet from any

awning, car or caravan.

13. No individual tents apart from toilet tents are allowed to be erected on the rally field,

unless prior written permission has been obtained from the Committee.

14. Alterations to the programme will be announced at rallies and displayed at the Hon.

Rally Secretary’s caravan

15 Generators may be used at the Rally Officers discretion but must be switched off by 8

pm except in an emergency or for official business.

Centre Rules